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Severe Low Blood Sugar is Real



00:11 - 00:13 So the other night, I was out for dinner.

00:14 - 00:18 As it turns out, I gave myself way too much insulin.

00:19 - 00:21 So throughout the meal, feeling pretty good.

00:22 - 00:23 Right. No real problems.

00:23 - 00:28 But then soon after the meal was over, my insulin is kicking in.

00:28 - 00:30 I'm taking fast acting insulin.

00:30 - 00:32 It's kicking in,

00:32 - 00:36 and my blood sugar is plummeting.

00:37 - 00:39 Because I've overcompensated.

00:39 - 00:42 My CGM alarm went off

00:43 - 00:47 and my wife could tell I was a little bit out of it.

00:47 - 00:50 And so she got involved right away,

00:51 - 00:54 took the CGM, scanned my arm, looked at the blood sugar,

00:54 - 01:00 and you could tell that it was trending down, heading 60, 62,

01:00 - 01:06 heading into the low sixties, even into the upper fifties, which for me,

01:07 - 01:11 I'm sweaty, I'm tingly, and I'm not really well-oriented.

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Severe Low Blood

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