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The latest

Podcast: Impact of (i)CGM on hypoglycaemia in my clinical practice

Dr Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard and Dr Elizabeth Seaquist discuss their experiences implementing CGM technology in clinical practice to support patients

Podcast: Hypoglycaemia and the heart

Dr. Lawrence Leiter and Dr. Brian Frier discusses “Hypoglycaemia and the heart”, or how severe hypoglycaemia affects cardiovascular outcomes

First comes knowledge

Reducing the risk of hypoglycaemia depends on having the right information—and using it.

Connecting hypoglycemia and CVD risk

Reducing the risk of hypoglycaemia is a multifaceted challenge. For starters, health providers need to understand which behaviours raise and decrease the risk, so they can communicate this information to individuals with diabetes and the people who care for them.